Roof Painting Adelaide

We provide the highest quality roof painting Adelaide and South Australia has ever seen . We provide high quality work for tile, metal, Colorbond and terracotta roof painting. Our work is guaranteed, and will look like new for a fraction of the cost.

Tiled Roof Painting Adelaide

Professionals with a lifetime of expertise in tile roof painting.

Painting a tile roof is a cost-effective way to get back the polished look of a brand-new roof, as opposed to investing in different and more expensive options.

Before you can begin selecting your ideal paint colours, we will assess your roof for any damaged tiles, cracks or mortar issues, flaking paint or moss that might require cleaning first. Then, we will look for rust in any valleys, or see if there are any issues with ridge caps.

Once we have given the all clear, we will have our team of roof painting Adelaide champions go to work, and have your home looking like new in no time. How long will it take? How much will it cost? This depends on your requirements, size of the roof and weather conditions (we can't paint in the rain!)

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Metal Roof Painting Adelaide / Colorbond Roof Painting Adelaide

Get a great return on investment with professional painting of your metal roof

Painting your metal or Colorbond roof is the most bang for your buck, allowing you to have a new appearance without the expensive outlay. Painting a Colorbond or metal roof is completely different from terracotta or tile. There are a lot of different factors that we must consider before helping you make the decision to go ahead with the new paint.

Before painting your metal or Colorbond roof, we will conduct an inspection for rust and other issues, to make sure that you get the most out of your roof painting. Please note, if there are underlying issues with the metal like rust or damage, we will let you know first, so you can make an informed decision either way.

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Terracotta Tile Roof Painting Adelaide

Bring your old terracotta tiles back to life

Terracotta tiles are a very long lasting, low hassle tile when they are maintained properly. This is why a terracotta glaze is important, as it prevents moss from growing back for years to come. To further ensure the longest possible life, we apply two coats for the perfect glaze.

Painting your terracotta roof tiles are a great way to bring your house back to life. Roofing Services Adelaide will get your roof to the best condition possible so when the painting is done, its done right.

Being the roof painting Adelaide champions in the field, and only using the best quality paints, you will be confident in our work from the cleaning and priming to the last coat of paint.

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